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Customs regulations require that we declare the value of all packages shipped internationally from the U.S.

The value of each package is the sum of the package's individual contents.

When you buy direct from an online store and ship to your U.S. Address,

  • if the merchant has included an invoice in your package, we will use the merchant invoice to match and declare the item's value for you
  • if the merchant did not include an invoice in your package, we will require you to declare the item's value when you choose to ship the package internationally at Ship + Track

Please note that you are required to accurately declare the value of your purchases regardless whether they are new, used, if you are buying it for yourself or as a gift. Under-declaration or inaccurate submission of the value of an item can result in your package being impounded, heavy fines and/or criminal proceedings.

If you are uncertain of your package contents, you may request for our order checking service for a fee of US$5, to open and check your package contents for you. To request our order checking service, please email us.

According to China Customs’ regulations, in shipments where there are multiple items, the total value of items cannot exceed RMB1000.If your package includes multiple items and worth over RMB1000,you will need to split your items into multiple shipments. Please contact us via email or Live Chat to do this. If your package includes only one item, you may proceed to ship your package even if its value exceeds RMB1000. All applicable taxes and/or duties must be paid at Customs clearance.

All imported goods are subject to a country's customs and duties. As limits and regulations vary with different countries, please check with the website of your country's governing authority.