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Consolidation, repack and storage are services we offer at your U.S. Address.
Use these services (if applicable) to save on international shipping.
Manage these services (if applicable) in Ship + Track


Repack is a service that is offered to reduce your shipping charge when

  • We are able to reduce the volumetric weight of a package
  • When the volumetric weight of a package is at least 2lbs more than the actual weight
  • And by repacking, your original package contents are not compromised

How does repack work?

Sometimes, a merchant might ship your package to your U.S. Address in too large a box.

Our processing team will assess your package for repack suitability when it arrives at your U.S. Address. If your package can be repacked, you will receive an email with a repack option.

How do you reduce a package’s volumetric weight?

Sometimes, a merchant might ship your package to your U.S. Address in too large a box.

Our team will cut-down the original package to reduce either its length, width or height, whichever gives you the maximum savings.
Our team will remove the boxes for apparels and bag them

What other instances might I be offered repacking?

You will offered the repack service if our processing team determines that there is a high probability of your package contents being damaged during international shipping (eg, if the package is insufficiently protected).

Items considered unsuitable for repack

  • When the volumetric weight of a package is not much greater than its actual weight
  • Items requiring added protection/padding eg, electronic devices or fragile items

Please note that we do not remove your items original product packaging when we repack.

Charges for Repack*

Box cut downs: US$7 charge per package
Box transferred to bag: US$5 charge per package

  • Splitting services fees cost the same as repack.

Repacking service adds an extra 1 to 2 business days to the delivery date of your shipment.
For packages exceeding 30lbs after repacking, additional fees may apply.